ValueRays Warm Mouse

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Warm Mouse
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California, United States
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ValueRays Warm Mouse. USB Infrared Heat.

ValueRays USB Warm Computer Mouse delivers cost-effective & energy-efficient warmth and therapeutic heat using the computer.

- Delivers heat to the hand
- Helps increase circulation and relieve tension
- Helps relieve pain from arthritis
- Helps relieve cold from poor circulation
- Works well with the Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket

The ValueRays USB Warm Mouse is an efficient way to stay warm.  The USB Warm Mouse is ergonomically shaped and comfortable to hold.  It is an optical scrolling mouse with an accurate 800dpi.  The warming mouse has two buttons and three functions.  The heated mouse works with any PC, Mac or Notebook style computer.  It has a "plug & play" install with no additional software needed.  The high tech colors of gray and black look good on any desk top.

ValueRays Warm Mouse features and specifications:

- Carbon fibre heating element
- Warms the hand with a comfortable 99-104 degrees
- Farhenheit temperature
- Uses a low voltage (5V) and is safe for people and the computer
- On/Off Switch conveniently located on the USB cord
- Turn Warm Mouse off when not in use
- 800 DPI scrolling Heated Warm Mouse
- Optical Computer Mouse
- Requires no drivers or software
- Easy plug & play installation

Instructions:  Plug the USB connected mouse into a free USB port.  Turn the heated mouse "ON" by pressing the control switch located on the cord.  The warming mouse will begin to generate heat within a few minutes.  Turn the heated mouse "OFF" by pressing the control switch when you are finished using the warm mouse.   Do not leave the warm mouse turned-on when not in use.  Like any other computer gadget, this is not a toy and should not be used by unsupervised children.   Keeps your mouse hand warm; especially the palm of your hand where most computer hand pain originates and resides.  If you suffer with cold hands due to Poor Ciculation, Arthritis or other conditions affecting the hand like Carpal Tunnel, Raynauds or Tendonitis a heated mouse can help.  Cold hands associated with these medical conditions can be soothed by using a heated warming mouse.   Body temperature is about 98.6 degrees farenheit.  The USB warm mouse generates a regulated heat ranging from 99 to 104 degrees.  The heat the mouse generates keeps the hand comfortably warm while working.  ValueRays products include the warm mouse, warm mouse pad, warm keyboard pad and mouse hand warmer blanket. ValueRays warm computer accessories deliver infrared heat and are a perfect gift for any computer user.  If you or someone you know suffers with cold hands when using the computer, ValueRays USB heated computer gadgets are an ideal solution to cold mouse hand and cold keyboard hands. We suggest using any of the Mouse Hand Warmer USB Warming Gadgets inside the Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket.  Why?  The Mouse Hand Warmer blanket is a fleece pouch.  The heated devices fit perfectly inside the blanket pouch, and the heat generated inside the blanket are insulated and contained creating a very warm mouse hand environment.  The heat generated by the warming computer gadgets, i.e. USB Heated Warm Mouse and USB Heated Warm Mouse Pad, when used inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket create a cost-efficient heated work environment.